Advice for clients from a broad array of industries

We have a strong track record of expertise in the following areas:

Real estate
  • Tax advice as well as bookkeeping/controlling for national and international real estate firms with a focus on investment in Germany
  • Consulting for property management companies, real estate agents, building contractors and developers
Non-profit organisations
  • Tax advice as well as bookkeeping/controlling for professional associations, elder care homes, charitable institutions, political parties, schools etc.
Municipal enterprises
  • External and internal auditing in the area of public transport, public property management etc.
  • Audits according to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG - Erneuerbare Energiengesetz)
  • Auditing/consulting for wind energy and biogas companies
Wholesale and retail trade
  • Building materials, computer hardware, clothing, food, cosmetics
Manufacturing companies
  • Plant construction, telecommunications systems, clothing
Apparel industry
  • Fashion design and clothing manufacturing
  • Film production, film marketing, television broadcasters, online language courses, Internet-based companies
Agriculture and forestry
  • Auditing of forestry enterprises
  • Accounting and tax consulting for agriculture and forestry enterprises